About OPUS Sessions

OPUS Sessions | A Brief Overview

A Session is the OPUS term for a “track” or a “song”. The two main types of Session compositions are: original compositions, and adaptations (remixes).

Sessions are oriented to the human nervous system - if you’re feeling overstimulated you should likely look for a “Chill” Session. Alternately, if you’re feeling low-energy you might be seeking a “boost”. A single Session can be anywhere from around 5 – 25 min. The average Session length right now is around 9 min

OPUS Sessions and settings will be accessed and controlled by the user via the OPUS Connect App.

Vibroacoustic therapy
Vibration influences the body by passing pure low frequency wave vibrations between 30 to 120 HZ into the body.

What Frequencies does SoundBed play?
SoundBed can play the full range of audible frequencies, with the felt vibration range being primarily between 20-200 hz. Through your headphones, you’ll experience dynamic spacial sound that incorporate a wide range of frequencies, music and forms of expert guidance such as meditation and breath-work.

There will be many diverse audio journeys you can experience that integrate different frequencies, tones, etc. Energies of the body and desired brainwave states will find coherence.

Can I connect my own music to SoundBed?
Because SoundBed is a unique instrument with 5 independent channels of vibration, sessions that are custom composed for SoundBed provide the best and most immersive experience. For launch we’re focused on delivering an excellent experience through our OPUS Connect App with a wide selection of sessions available. We’re absolutely exploring the best way to allow users to play their own content (recorded and live) through SoundBed, and will be integrating that feature at some point post-launch.