3. Your Profile & OPUS Connect

Calibrate Your Preferences

Your sensory preferences are unique and OPUS Connect provides an opportunity to fine tune SoundBed for your particular taste.

Headphone Vibration

  1. Select “My headphones are plugged in” to advance to your sound and vibration calibration.

  1. Adjust your headphone volume up or down to a level that feels right to you. Note: sometimes the head/ ears can be more sensitive than other areas of the body.

Body Vibration

  1. Lie down on SoundBed with your head squarely on the Head Prism and your feet oriented on the Feet Prism.

  1. Adjust your Body Vibration up or down to a level that feels good for you. Click NEXT when complete

  1. You’ll have the opportunity to Fine Tune your sound and vibration settings before you start using the app. Remember, you will be able to adjust your settings at any time in the future by tapping the Settings icon.

“Welcome To OPUS” Sonic Tour

You’re invited on an introductory sonic tour of the OPUS Library! This initial session will be essential to understanding the capabilities of your SoundBed experience.

OPUS Connect | Home

Welcome to the home page and hub for your OPUS Sessions. There are regularly updated Featured Sessions and neatly organized libraries of sound essentials for your nervous system’s needs. Scroll up and down, left and right to navigate the Home Screen.

OPUS Connect | Playing Sessions and Navigation

You can explore the library and select a Session by swiping and tapping on Sessions’ album art.

Sessions are categorized into in easy-to-use sections to help you find your vibe. We encourage you to follow your senses and try them all - find the Sessions that feel best for you.

Clicking on album art thumbnail will take you to the Play Screen. Here you can launch your Session by clicking the large play button in the center.

Once you click the play button you will have a short buffer period of a few seconds to get yourself adjusted on your SoundBed.

My Sessions

You can save your favorite Sessions by clicking the heart icon on the lower left side of the app screen. Use this to save and combine your most effective practices.

Remember, at any time you can adjust your settings using the Settings ‘gear icon’ on the lower right of your app screen.


From the settings page you can access various aspects of your OPUS SoundBed experience, including:

  • Your OPUS Profile
  • SoundBed Connectivity
  • Support links
  • Send crash reports
  • Factory reset
  • Logout of your account


We suggest keeping SoundBed connected to Wi-Fi to update the Session Library with new content and firmware automatically.

If you need help please reach out to help.feelopus.com.

Return to the OPUS Community Page.