How To Use SoundBed | Best Practices & Pro Tips


SoundBed is a remarkable new tool for your everyday energy regulation. Here are some tips and best practices for new users and experienced users alike.


  1. Sit down on SoundBed, use the OPUS Connect app to select your session.

  2. Lie down on your back with your head squarely on the Head Prism.

  3. Place your headphones over your ears and adjust as necessary.

  4. Close your eyes (or place your eye mask over your eyes).

  5. That’s it! Relax and take a few sincere breaths with your body. Prepare your senses to receive the vibration.

  6. Even Better :: use an eye mask, a weighted blanket, or scents to expand your experience.

During Session

  1. When the music and vibrations start, just breathe naturally and relax safely into them.

  2. Allow the linear mind to take a back seat - take this time for yourself to unwind.

  3. If at any point it doesn’t feel right, that’s okay. You can always pause and try a different Session that might be right for you.


  1. Take all the time you need coming back from a Session. Breathe naturally and enjoy the feeling you’ve cultivated in your being. There’s no rush here, sometimes that moment immediately following a session can be the best part.

  2. Open your eyes slowly as you get readjusted.

  3. You may feel called to ground your energy after a Session - you can stretch, go sit outside for a moment, take a bath or shower

Even Better When …

  • SoundBed is a great addition to Biomats, red-light therapy, aromatherapy, other forms of assisted therapy.

Medical and Emotional Release Support

  • For any medical conditions (for example, Pregnancy or heart conditions), please speak with your physician.

  • Emotional Release support - it is normal to experience a release of emotions during or after a SoundBed session

  • SoundBed can bring to the surface deeply lodged feelings stuck in the body. Big emotions can be challenging - allow them to come through and be prepared to seek support if needed, or consult an expert for any challenging feelings that arise.

  • Drink water to stay hydrated both pre and post Session.

Do NOT’s

  • Please do not open up SoundBed electronics without official OPUS support - doing so will void your warranty and may cause safety issues.

  • Please do not ignore any pertinent medical conditions you may have, please speak with a doctor before starting any new fitness routine.

  • Please do not use SoundBed for anything other than its intended purpose, including but not limited to standing, jumping, or using SoundBed to store heavy items. The weight limit of SoundBed is 350 pounds.

SoundBed Maintenance & Care

  • SoundBed is designed to be durable, washable, high end upholstery fabric. For extra protection, use a single fitted sheet to cover SoundBed in a group or clinical setting

  • To remove stains, use gentle dish soap and warm water

  • Mattress and upholstery care items – [include link to material]