About OPUS Connect

This is where discuss the capabilities of the OPUS Connect App.

OPUS Connect
Connect is design to be your all-in-one app to connect your SoundBed, select your Sessions, and control your Settings preferences.

Navigate the app by swiping up and down, and left or right. Select your Session by tapping on the album art of the Session of your choice, this will take you to the play screen. Tap the large ‘Play’ button to begin your session. You will have a brief period of time to get settled with your headphones before you session begins.

My Sessions
You can ‘favorite’ you best sessions by tapping the ‘Heart’ icon on the lower right of your Connect Home Screen. Use this feature to collect the most effective Sessions for you.

At any time you can select the ‘Settings’ gear icon I the lower right portion of Connect to adjust your settings preferences. You will also find a comprehensive hub to: offer feedback, submit bug reports, receive support, etc.