About Accessories


Accessories, such as headphones, eye mask, and weighted blanket, will be available to purchase on our website soon but are not included with the SoundBed purchase.

Until then, you are also more than welcome to purchase your accessories elsewhere.

For SoundBed, your headphones will need to have an AUX cable that can hardwire into your SoundBed’s headphone port. We recommend that your headphones be high-quality noise reducing headphones to ensure your best experience.

Eye Mask
Eye masks are used with SoundBed to enhance your experience. Placing one over your eyes helps you check-out of your physical story and allow you to connect more easily with your energetic experience within your body.

Weighted Blanket
The weighted blanket is great to weigh you down and create an immersive ‘capsule’ for your SoundBed experience. Again, the main function is just to drop you deeper into your body and feelings.